Flying in the Pyrenees

Posted on Jun 7, 2018 |

Flying in the Pyrenees

1 mountain range – 2 countries


Beautiful spots for paragliding


The Pyrenees, an imposing mountain range which delimits the border France – Spain. Mountains with multiple facets, colors, exposures… A place where many outdoor sports like climbing, base jumping, canyoning, free flying, kayaking, hiking and many others meet. In spring, the weather is often warmer than in the Alps. The two sides and the different mountain ranges at various altitudes also offer the possibility to play with the weather conditions. It is often possible to find a spot where to fly. From the first flight for beginner students to magnificent evening flights, through powerful thermals in the afternoon, there is a period of time to fly for everyone. And if it is really not possible to fly, the various provinces abound in many cultural, sports, gustatory activities etc..


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