“Cross” flights

Distance flights

One of the most beautiful facet of the free flight.

What is a “Cross” flight?

The world of paragliding has many facets such as walking & flying, doing acro tricks, soaring on the seaside etc.. The distance flight is one of those facets where the flight is pushed to its paroxysm. The aim is to take off and to fly through the mountains playing with the thermal currents. A unique flight, much longer and during which one we meet birds, we fly above the mountains and sometime we can even touch the clouds…

Who is it for?

For all those who wish to make a long paragliding flight. Have you ever flown paragliding and found it great but a little short? This flight is what you need.

What should I bring for my flight ?

The goal is to stay in the air for a long time, so it’s important to be warmly equipped. In addition, if the flying conditions permit it, it is possible to climb high. So bring good shoes, pants, gloves, sunglasses and a warm jacket. A helmet will be lent to you for the flight. You’ll find more informations on the equipment page.

Interested ?

Contact me and we will search together the site that will allow you to make a unique flight ! Indeed, this type of flight requires specific weather conditions; the choice of the takeoff site and the flight day is therefore essential..


On request (starts at 300 chf)


Interested ? Feel free to contact me.