Maps & airspaces


  • DABS : Daily Airspace Bulletin Switzerland. The reference bulletin in map form for the danger zones, the restrictions and the various changes in Swiss airspace. It’s published every day for the next day.
  • Free flight map : The map for free flight, in electronic format and free of charge. It has to be completed with DABS above.



  • Flyland : An interactive map on which one it is possible to add a multitude of elements such as : take-off and landing sites, aerial spaces, gondolas, etc. These data can be exported into your flying devices.
  • Violation of an airspace : Since 2007, the FOCA has offered the possibility to report anonymously events via the voluntary reporting system. If you have violated an airspace, it is imperative that you report it. This can prevent you from being sued. The main aim of this approach is to contribute to increasing safety in our airspace.

Topographic map of Switzerland

  • SuisseMobile : All Swiss topographic and road maps from 1:10’000 to 1:400’000 with footpaths, mountain bikes, canoes etc. They can be consulted online and printed for free.