You are a paraglider pilot and you want to improve your skills ?

Complete and improve your flying skills with a qualified instructor:

  • Reverse launch, ground games, touch and go...
  • Fast lowering manoeuvres (ears, 360 engaged, B-stall, asymmetric collapse...)
  • Active piloting in turbulence
  • Accelerator use
  • Piloting with D line
  • Flight incident management
  • And many more...

All these exercises can be practiced by radio guidance and/or during a tandem flight. More skills for more safety and therefore, much more fun in flight 🙂 .

Do you dream to fly ?


It’s time to learn to fly.

Many possibilities :

  • Tandem pedagogic flight : accompanied by an instructor, take the brakes and learn the basics of controlling a paraglide.
  • School slope: learn how to take off and to land with a paraglide in a field.
  • The combination of the two brings you to your first big flight alone, under radio guidance.
  • Total learning time : 2 to 3 days.


Ready for the experience ?